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Electronic Materials by BASF

We enable a digital life!

In the highly dynamic world of electronic materials, you need more than a reliable and strong partner. We have been supplying electronic materials for more than 30 years. The experience we have earned and the chemical expertise we possess enables us to offer outstanding products and solutions to our customers. At BASF, we offer high purity and quality process chemicals and specialized solutions for semiconductors, flat panel displays, lighting such as LED as well as photovoltaics.

Semiconductor solutions

Targeting IC fabrication market, we offer proprietary solutions for the semiconductor processes including cleaning, etching, photolithography, chemical mechanical planarization (CMP), and wet deposition. Read more



Display solutions

Targeting display materials market, we offer a series of proprietary process chemicals and customized copper (Cu) solutions. Read more



Photovoltaic solutions

Targeting solar cell market, we offer environment-friendly portfolio of metallization inks and pastes as well as chemical solutions during the process of cutting, cleaning, etching and texturing, as well as doping.




Targeting system houses/ formulators, we offer an exceptional range of ultrapure chemicals and gases mainly applied for the production of integrated circuits, flat panel displays, lithium ion batteries (LIB), light emitting diodes (LED), fiber optics, and others. Read more



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R&D for Advanced Technology Nodes

The trend in integrated circuits (ICs) is to consistently migrate to smaller feature sizes with enhanced performance, density and cost per function. New manufacturing processes therefore emerge to push forward the next generation technology. To meet these industry realities, the availability of new and advanced materials are critical. At BASF, our R&D experts have a profound understanding of our customer’s needs and the process requirements, most of them having years of experience in the IC industry.

Competencies that Count

We provide our customers with an array of added-values that help them to become more successful.
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  • SELECTIPUR®/ FOTOPUR®: Process Chemicals & Copper (Cu) Solutions


  • CypoSol®: Metallization inks and pastes

  • SELURIS®: Chemical solutions for cutting, cleaning, etching, texturing and doping

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