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Our sustainability, your opportunity

In line with BASF’s strategic position, “We create chemistry for a sustainable future,” BASF Performance and Formulation Additives delivers solutions that enable customers to meet growing demands and expectations for environmentally friendly paints and coatings. With products and services that reduce energy consumption and emissions in manufacturing processes while enhancing the durability and service life of final products, we support you in turning sustainability into business opportunities.

BASF Performance and Formulation Additives takes out the guesswork with an easy overview of our solutions. Based on the key drivers and issues within the industries and regions we serve, we have assessed the sustainability contribution of each of our products in its specific application and position in the value chain. This externally audited methodology termed Sustainable Solution Steering® enables us to give you a clear view of our portfolio and how you can benefit most from it. For architectural coatings, for example, our Sustainability Quick Guides offer an easy overview of the results grouped in the most relevant parameters. BASF’s Mass Balance approach measures the total volume of renewable versus fossil feedstocks used in production, allowing you to use verified-sustainable components in your products.

Customers across all industries profit from our support in enhancing their sustainability wherever possible. Our solutions for water-based industrial applications, for example, support coatings that combine durability with eco-friendliness. In addition, our packaging concepts allow sustainable and food contact-compliant solutions to meet the highest requirements.

In light of the increasing need for more sustainable solutions on a global scale, we can support you in taking advantage of the resulting dynamic growth in various market segments.

Sustainability Brochures

With the increasing need for more sustainable solutions globally, our future-oriented additives can help you take advantage of large and dynamically growing market segments.

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Sustainability Quick Guides

BASF Performance and Formulation Additives offers Sustainability Quick Guides dedicated to various industries.

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Sustainability Video

Watch this video to see how our additives can contribute to the coatings value chain.

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