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Products for Labels

We offer a wide range of acrylic polymer dispersions and UVcurable acrylic hotmelts, which are used in the production of PSA for both paper and filmic labels. The consistent quality of our Acronal® dispersions as well as their high mechanical stability allow our customers to keep their production constant, minimizing adhesive-related production downtimes. Adequate cohesion at high adhesion levels provides a trouble-free converting process.
Whether you produce high-end clear filmic labels or standard white labels, our products are the right choice. Excellent transparency is achieved up to a coating speed of 600m/min. The fine-tuned adhesion / cohesion profile makes for easy processing. Finally, all our products have food contact approval.


Product Overview


UV-curable acrylic hotmelts

Product name


acResin® A 204 UV

Modification with tackifiers needed

acResin® A 250 UV

Resistance to water whitening, suitable for clear-on-clear labels

acResin® UV 3532

Resistance to water whitening, suitable for wash-off filmic labels


Acrylic dispersions

Product name


Acronal® V 215

High formulation latitude with tackifier dispersions

Acronal® A 110  Different adhesion levels through formulation possible
Acronal® V 115

Very good low temperature behaviour

Acronal® 3715  

Excelllent adhesion on cold and moist polar and nonpolar surfaces 

Acronal® A 225 

Good adhesion and cohesion balance

Acronal® A 245 

Very good removabilty on different surfaces

Acronal® 3608 

Improved water whitening resistance


Styrene-butadiene dispersions

Product name


Butofan® LS 103

Imparts water repellence to pressure senstive adhesives

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acResin® is the number one solution for the manufacturing of paper and filmic labels for food, beverage and cosmetic applications.


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