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Sustainability, additional functionalities and outstanding performance properties - at BASF, we create chemistry. BASF’s new solution to navigate through different product names is as easy as it gets - and reflects the major trends of the Paints and Coatings Industry.



Sustainability is no more a trend – it has become a matter of course for the majority of premium decorative paints. Our range of solutions offers formulation latitude to create health-friendly paints that do not only comply with but even exceed regulatory standards. Hence they are in line with all relevant European eco labels for paints.

The possibilities are immense – fresh paints you cannot smell anymore, water-based interior trim paints without solvents and facade paints that make biocides stay where they belong – within the coating, stopping them from trickling into the soil. Look out for our range of binders tagged with Eco.



Additional functionalities in our raw materials offer room for differentiation in the market. They enable formulators to achieve superior properties for numerous segments and applications, be it easy-to-clean surfaces for interior paints, extremely elastic facade paints to bridge cracks in the substrate or water-based deck stains for terraces that penetrate into the wood more rapidly. Add a Plus to your recipe by choosing from our range of dedicated products.



Set new market standards by using the latest technology. Our EDGE products enable formulating premium paints with superior performance that increase renovation cycles for exterior facades and remain as bright and shiny as on the first day.

Warranties of transparent coating systems for wooden doors and windows can be extended to up to ten years. Cutting edge formulation know-how and expertise in tailoring raw materials take your best-in-class recipes to the next level.




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