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Furniture & Flooring

BASF provides high-performance solutions for furniture and floor coatings.

Thanks to our decades of experience in developing binders and additives, you can be sure to get the most out of your formulation.

Get a head start on sustainable development.

Formulators serving the furniture and flooring industry aim to preserve the beauty of coated wood and, at the same time, face considerable pressure to manufacture in a resource-efficient, socially responsible, and ecologically reasonable way. With our Sustainable Solution Steering Method, we have evaluated the value chain – from the cradle to the grave – while considering industry- and region-specific views in our markets. After identifying key sustainability drivers, our resins and additives have been systematically reviewed. This approach allows us to assess the sustainability performance of each of our products within its specific application.

Protecting what’s around us

BASF has a broad range of products for both interior and exterior wood coatings. Our portfolio consists of solutions for economic to to high-end furniture and for many different kinds of flooring. With our expertise, we help you to improve your coating formulations. Take a look at our portfolio – and ensure your coatings make furniture and flooring that is around us every day more resistant, long-lasting and sustainable.

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