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Digital Printing

The future of printing is digital. Digital printing is the fastest-growing printing sector with constant need for innovation. It eliminates numerous mechanical steps found in conventional printing and affords easy print customization, short run efficiency and print on demand.

To meet the changing needs of the market, BASF offers innovative raw materials for the formulation of high performance digital inks.

Our comprehensive range of styrene acrylics offer outstanding ink rheology and stability, very small and narrow particle size distribution and, for outdoor applications, high weather fastness.

Additives for ceramics

BASF has a strong portfolio of additives for the coloration of ceramic materials like tiles and tableware. Tiles can be decorated with inkjet printing, giving flexibility and efficiency for various, even customized decors. To fulfill the strong growing demand of digital ceramic inks, we offer a broad range of solvents, and additives like dispersants, defoamers and humectants.

Next generation ink formulation

We also offer a broad portfolio of photoinitiators, monomers and oligomers for energy curing. Additionally, BASF is supplying formulation additives like dispersing agents, wetting agents and surface modifiers, defoamers, rheology modifiers and film-forming agents. Our additives improve the ink performance during manufacturing and application. Plus, our UV absorbers, light stabilizers and antioxidants for inks and overprint varnishes help prints last longer.



Water-based Resins

  • Joncryl®

Energy-curing Resins

  • Laromer®
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