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Lignostabphoto stabilizer for wood pretreatments

BASF Lignostab for the color stabilization of natural and tinted or stained wood and for the durability improvement of wood substrates coated with clear and transparent pigmented finishes.


Why use Lignostab?

Lignostab can be used to prevent natural light shade wood substrates from yellowing and darkening when exposed to diffuse or direct sunlight. It protects wood by inhibiting the photo oxidation of lignin and acts by simple aqueous pretreatment of the substrate. For tinted wood it can be used directly within aqueous or hydro-alcoholic tinting solutions or stains.   Applications which can benefit from Lignostab include indoor parquetry and furniture as well as outdoor wood and timber work (doors, windows, cladding, paneling, fencing, decking, shingles, beams etc…).


Lignostab delivers durability and protection

Synergistic and durable protection effects against wood discoloration and degradation are obtained when it is associated with a UV Absorber such as BASF Tinuvin®. The latter can be used in the pretreatment or stain itself or preferably in a subsequently applied top coat. With this photo protection concept, previously unattained wood color stabilities and improved coating durability is achieved. The protection degree may depend on the wood species and for tinted wood on the type and saturation of the colorant.

  • Paint & Coatings Industry
    • Architectural Coatings
    • Automotive & Transportation Coatings
    • Industrial coatings
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