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Laropal®– resins for coatings

Hard resins based on isobutyraldehyde or cyclohexanone, compatible with most binders and soluble in nearly all conventional solvents field of application. The Laropal A and K grades are colorless aldehyde and ketone resins with broad compatibility and solubility in organic solvents.


Where is Laropal® used?

Laropal resins are suitable for manufacturing pigment pastes and are used as co-binders in various coating systems for modifying application properties such as hardness, body, gloss and rheology. Laropal LR 8991 and LR 9008 are suitable for making water-based pigment pastes for industrial and architectural coatings and emulsion paints.


Why should you use Laropal®?

Laropal dispersing resins for pigment concentrates have high pigment content, good hiding power, good grindability and long shelf life; co-binder to optimize gloss, film hardness, flow, UV resistance, body, etc.


  • Paint & Coatings Industry
    • Architectural Coatings
    • Automotive & Transportation Coatings
    • Industrial coatings
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