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Laromer® – radiation-curable binders and monomers

Laromer is BASF's trademark for radiation-curable binders and monomers. Combining these epoxy acrylates, polyester acrylates, polyether acrylates, urethane acrylates and functional monomers yields coatings with specific properties.


Why should you use Laromer®?

BASF supplies a full range of UV curing and water-based binders for formulating high-tech parquet lacquers. Our customers are benefiting from the latest developments that provide excellent appearance and superior abrasion resistance. Especially for abrasion resistance there is a complete toolbox available to ensure toughness and abrasion resistance that can wihtstand the most severe tests. The water-based UV emulsions and dispersions open up new applications in UV coatings technology.


What do Laromer® radiation curable products deliver?

Unsaturated acrylic ester resins and functional acrylic ester monomers for radiation-curable coatings. Functional acrylic ester monomers are non-volatile reactive thinners that serve both to adjust the processing viscosity and, through incorporation into the cured films, to modify the properties of the final coating. Unsaturated acrylic ester resins, due to their different chemical structures, determine within broad limits the basic properties of coatings.


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