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BASF effect pigment – Firemist® Velvet Pearl EH 921

A new solution for decorative applications – Firemist® Velvet Pearl EH 921

Firemist® Velvet Pearl EH 921 from BASF is a new effect pigment that can create a variety of unique, high-value finishes. With the soft and sparkling appearance of fresh snow, Firemist® Velvet Pearl can be combined with transparent absorption pigments to formulate all sorts of intriguing effects, from gently sparkling matt finishes that have never been achievable before to realistically patinated silver or copper.
Firemist® Velvet Pearl EH 921 is especially suitable for interior design. Its soft and homely effect adds particular value to all sorts of coatings for walls, wallpaper, concrete or wood, including the creation of a truly unique effect: a matt finish that sparkles in direct light. Used in combination with pearlescent or metallic pigments, Firemist® Velvet Pearl can create coatings that resemble patinated silver or copper surfaces or even rust, conjuring up an atmospheric mood of gentle aging and antiquity or masking surface structures to make objects more durable. This effect pigment is also for use on computers, communication devices, consumer goods and in other industrial coatings.
The antique paint look and patina effects that Firemist® Velvet Pearl offers are important tools in industrial design. Patina increases the perceived value of objects because the implication of a long history is seen as the opposite of the rapid change that typifies modern life, making it desirable to many consumers.
Matt effects, sparkling effects, and patina effects with one product …? This is the subtle, sophisticated sheen of Firemist® Velvet Pearl.

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Published: 08/22/11