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BASF Firemist® Crystal Touch – the sparkle effect you can touch

  Firemist® Crystal Touch offers a secret, rich, sparkle suddenly emerging from a refined, otherwise matt surface, with the elegant, tactile texture of dusted micro-crystals.

BASF - Strong Partnership at DRUPA 2012

  BASF and COMEXI GROUP are combining strengths and focusing on a new vision for the flexible packaging industry. Visit us at Drupa 2012, Hall 10 C62 where both companies are eager to share their achievements and will invite you to join them on the pathway to sustainability.

BASF Solutions for Sustainable Construction - Ecobuild 2012

  Exhibiting at Ecobuild 2012,  BASF (stand N250) will feature projects in the UK which have been used to demonstrate how energy efficiency in buildings can be achieved through innovative, competent and reliable solutions.

Luvitec® gets new packaging

  Now a new plastic film gives even better protection to Luvitec® high molecular weight powders from penetrating oxygen from the air.

BASF to establish global headquarters for Dispersions & Pigments division in Hong Kong

  BASF plans to establish the global headquarters of its Dispersions & Pigments division in Hong Kong.

Efka® 2010 high efficiency defoamer

  Efka 2010 defoamer marks the latest addition to this product class and is suited for use in a wide range of solvent-borne coating systems. It can be used for pigmented and non-pigmented systems.

BASF effect pigment – Firemist® Velvet Pearl EH 921

  With the soft and sparkling appearance of fresh snow, Firemist® Velvet Pearl can be combined with transparent absorption pigments to formulate all sorts of intriguing effects...

BASF Paliocrom® Brilliant Gold

  Paliocrom® Brilliant Gold L 2050 is an incredibly rich and vibrant gold that, in combination with other effects or colored pigments, provides opportunities for a wealth of new styling possibilities.

BASF Luvitec® product line grows

  The polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) Luvitec® is an important component in the manufacture of membranes. Now, the new Luvitec VA 6535 P is even better tailored to the requirements of the membrane industry.

BASF effect pigment – Glacier™ Frost White

  Glacier™ Frost White brings a dynamic and shimmering whiter-than-white pearlescent effect with an unexpectedly bluish sheen to coatings and packaging applications.

Computer-animated color visualization combined with technical expertise: the PigmentViewer from BASF


The unique, innovative PigmentViewer software developed by BASF, offers our customers the opportunity for early-stage decision findings in pigment selection.  


BASF’s binder facilitates first natural fiber monobloc chair


The acclaimed designer Werner Aisslinger and BASF will be showcasing the world’s first monobloc chair made of natural fibers at the Material Vision 2011, the trade exhibition on materials for product development, design and architecture.


BASF at the European Coatings Show


Visit BASF at booth 411, hall 7A, from 29 - 31 March 2011 in Nuremberg

Whether for roofs, facades or walls – BASF offers the broadest and most versatile portfolio when it comes to formulating paints and construction chemical products for interior or exterior applications.


Epotal® Eco - Certification for the first compostable adhesive


Biologically degradable adhesives will play an important role in the future when it comes to developing compostable packaging materials. As producer of Epotal® Eco, BASF shall forthwith be able to offer the first compostable water-based adhesive certified by the German Technical Inspection Agency TÜV.


ECS - BASF at the European Coatings Show


BASF will be presenting its products and services at the European Coatings Show 2011 (ECS) in Nürnberg, Germany, the leading trade fair for the international coatings industry, from 29 - 31 March.


Irgacure® 270 - a technological breakthrough in cationic photoinitiators

  Irgacure® 270 now makes it possible to combine fast UV curing with very low emissions. This new product is very versatile, and its applications include both UV-curable printing inks and clear overprint varnishes.

'Cool' colors for hot days

Drivers who can't find a shady parking spot in the middle of summer know what to expect: the black instrument panel, seats and steering wheel grow unbearably hot in the scorching sun. All dark surfaces which are exposed to sunlight heat up strongly, while light surfaces remain distinctly cooler.                                     

Tinuvin® CarboProtect™, a unique new light stabilizer, allows transparent coatings on carbon fiber surfaces.

Carbon-fiber-reinforced materials (CFRMs) are distinguished by their very high strength and their low weight, making them extremely desirable for high-performance items such as cars, aircraft, boats, and wind turbines.
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