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Effect Pigments

When did you last have the feeling you had seen something unique? That shapes were speaking new languages? That new impressions were dazzling you? BASF offers one of the most comprehensive portfolios of effect pigments for distinctive optical effects that create new and unique design surfaces.

Effect pigments from BASF will always ensure that you achieve the sparkle, shimmer or sizzle you’re looking for, regardless of whether you’re aiming to increase recognition value of brand items, emphasize specific product shapes and features, underline your products’ allure via eye-catching colors and effects or simply transforming an attractive product into a necessity.

With BASF's effect pigments, you gain access to many unique and attractive effects. Invent your own visual world with an exciting look, shimmering tones and glamorous effects. Create attractive designs and bring new life to your colors with sparkle and shine.

As one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality, high-performance, organic and inorganic pigments, as well as binders and additives for the paint and printing ink industries, we constantly work to bring unique and original products to the market.

Our strong brands for your success: 
  • Black Olive™ mica-based effect pigment
  • Dynacolor® pearlescent pigments
  • Firemist® borosilicate-based pigments
  • Glacier™ Frost White
  • Graphitan® graphite black pigment
  • Lumina® mica-based effect pigments
  • Lumina® Royal mica-based effect pigments
  • MagnaPearl® pearlescent pigments
  • Mearlin® luster pigments
  • Mearlite® luster pigments
  • Metasheen® vacuum-metallized aluminum pigments
  • Paliocrom® effect pigments
  • Paliocrom® Brilliant effect pigments
  • Santa Fe™ color effect pigments

Black Olive™ mica-based effect pigment

A black, mica-based effect pigment with champagne undertones, this revolutionary product actually extends the range of absorption colors attainable with mica-based pigments to brown-black shades.

Dynacolor® pigments
These pearlescent pigments are specially engineered to add dramatic visual effects, and high color purity and intensity to coatings, printing inks and plastics.

Firemist® pigments
These patented borosilicate-based pigments bring products to life with brilliant color and glittering effects. These advanced pigments, which create an exceptionally high visual impact, are specially formulated to out-perform traditional pearlescent pigments in chroma, color purity, brightness, transparency and reflectivity.

Glacier™ Frost White
This pigment is the first of a completely new generation of synthetic mica flakes coated with titanium dioxide. Synthetic mica is absolutely transparent and free of natural impurities such as iron oxides. Because of this, it offers better luster and brightness than traditional pigments and outstanding sparkle effects in all shade areas. Glacier™ Frost White is the whitest effect pigment currently available on the market.

Graphitan® graphite black pigment

A special effect graphite black pigment (PB10), Graphitan® offers different styling options in combination with mica, aluminum and/or colored pigments, both in solvent- and water-borne systems.

Lumina® mica-based effect pigments
These colors create intriguing and dramatic visual effects in a wide variety of applications.

Lumina® Royal mica-based effect pigments
This is the newest generation of Lumina® effect pigments. The Lumina® Royal portfolio of high-chromaticity effect pigments provides maximum interference effects for all color spaces and allows the creation of extreme effect shades not previously attainable.

MagnaPearl® pearlescent pigments
Specially engineered to deliver superior whiteness, brilliance and coverage, MagnaPearl® pearlescent pigments are available in a variety of particle sizes, enabling the creation of extraordinary optical effects ranging from a fine-grained luster to a bold silvery-white sparkle.

Mearlin® luster pigments
These mica platelets coated with titanium dioxide and/or iron oxide provide both color and exciting visual effects to a variety of coatings, plastics and printing ink applications.

Mearlite® luster pigments
The range of optical effects imparted by Mearlite® luster pigments to plastics, coatings and inks varies from a soft, satin luster to a sharp, metallic brilliance. These effects derive from plate-like crystals of bismuth oxychloride that have a silver-white and transparent appearance.

Metasheen® vacuum-metallized aluminum pigments (VMPs)
This range provides high-quality, high value-added coating effects for a variety of end-use applications. Highly reflective effects are a result of the exceptionally smooth, flat, mirror-like nature of the flakes. The products are composed of lamellar, non-leafing aluminum flakes dispersed in a variety of solvents and supply dramatically enhanced covering power so that pigment loading is five to ten times lower than that of conventional aluminum pigments. The non-leafing nature of Metasheen pigments allows easy creation of colored metallic effects. Simple incorporation in transparent color pigments and dyes allows an endless array of metallic colors to be achieved.

Paliocrom® effect pigments
These lamellar effect pigments are based on iron-oxide-coated aluminum flakes. A characteristic feature is their unique combination of very good hiding power, gloss and outstanding chroma. Combinations with other pigments open up new scope for styling across the entire color spectrum.

Paliocrom® Brilliant effect pigments
The newest generation of Paliocrom® effect pigments, the Paliocrom® Brilliant range – of which Paliocrom® Brilliant Orange is but the first – shows much higher brilliance than the well-established standard cornflake-type, iron-oxide-coated aluminum flakes.

Santa Fe™ color effect pigments
A significant advance in special effect pigment technology, Santa Fe™ pigments enliven surfaces with a complex interplay of color, luster and dimensionality.

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